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What's Inside?

Here's what you can expect once you join the Music Producer Mastermind Network

  • Access to our Private Telegram Network

  • Music Industry and Music Business Opportunities

  • Cutting edge insight on the future of the business

  • Exclusive training and courses

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Access to apply for inner circle membership

Explode Your Social Media Following

If your social media following is not growing, I will show you how the secrets to over 222M+ Views

Stuck on Tough Business Problems?

We have the answers to the nuances of business. Data and frameworks from over 5 industries.

Revenue Feel Stagnant?

10X Your Sales with Proven Systems and Mastermind Network Access

Who's this Music Producer Mastermind Built for Specifically?

  • Business-Minded Creatives

    With many opportunities, comes much responsibility. Creatives who are organized and prepared are more likely to succeed in this mastermind.

  • Movers and Shakers

    People who take action will benefit the most from this training and network.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Knowing why things work is a key to mastering the new music business. Subject Matter Experts will apply these tactics for the most upside.

Course curriculum

    1. Join the Music Producer Mastermind

    2. Mastermind Structure and Coaching Illustrations

    1. JV Partners x Busy Works Beats Premium

    2. 3 Steps to Mastering Online Business

    3. Grow Your Brand, Record Label Signing, Finding Music Talent

    4. Music Business, Business Plan and Marketing

    5. Scaling, High Ticket Clients, Launching Products

    6. Get Paid on Time, How to Price, and Time Management

    7. How to Create an Education Business

    8. Expanding Music Monetization through TV Series and Publishing

    9. Creative Agency Explained

    10. Music Business Admin, Live Shows, Film Placements

    11. Monetizing Music Online

    12. Sauceware Audio - Octave Deluxe Customer Journey

    13. Growing a Fitness Business

    14. Music Monetization in the Modern Music Business

    15. FB Ad Strategy and Google Ad Strategy

    16. Social Media and Business Plan and Marketing Strategies

    17. Branding, Product Awareness, Customer LTV

    18. Growing Your Service Business Geometrically

    19. Using Clickfunnels to Build an Online Business

    20. Webinar Funnel and Education Business Flow

    21. Automation, Communication Systems, Monetization, and Value Assessment

    22. How to Structure Web Pages for Sales

    23. Music Industry Explained and Building an Online Business

    24. Managing Creativity and Music Business Processes

    25. Time Management, Knowledge and Experience, Focus and Clarity

    1. How to Create an Infinite Content Machine

    2. Online Traffic Machine

    3. Online Traffic Expert

    4. YouTube Setup


    6. Streamlabs OBS + Loopback Setup Steps

    7. How to Grow a 45,000+ Member Discord ptA

    8. How to Grow a 45,000+ Member Discord ptB

    9. Discord Training

    10. Tik Tok Growth Strategy

    1. How to Promote Your Music

    2. How to 10X Your Beat Business

    3. Promote Beats Like a Pro - How to Promote Yourself Seamlessly

    4. Funnels Explained

    5. Conversion Training Part A

    6. Email Marketing 101

    7. Copywriting Secrets 1

    8. Book Marketing Plan

    9. Clickfunnels Opt in Integration

    10. Advertisement and ROI

    11. Black Friday Sales Secrets

    12. Shopify Beginner Plan

    13. Triple Your Sales • Black Friday Blitz

    14. Email Marketing for Beginners - 1 - Email Autoresponders

    15. Email Marketing for Beginners - 2 - How to Monetize Your Social Following

    16. Email Marketing for Beginners - 3 - How to Create High Converting Opt In Pages

    17. Email Marketing for Beginners - 4 - The Key is FREE

    18. Email Marketing for Beginners - 5 - How to Write Golden Emails Pt1

    19. Email Marketing for Beginners - 6 - How to Write Golden Emails Pt2

    20. Email Marketing for Beginners - 7 - The Automatic Money Machine

    21. Email Marketing for Beginners - 8 - Copywriting in 5 Easy Steps

    22. Copywriting in 5 Easy Steps

    23. Online Sales pt 1

    24. Online Sales pt 2

    25. 3 Steps to Online Business

    1. Music Producer Mindset Mastery (Coming Soon)

    1. International Supplier Research

    2. Alex Sound Design Project

    3. How to Mix Vocals in Logic Pro X

    4. How to Record in Logic Pro X

    5. How to Export Multitracks in Logic Pro X

    6. Pro Tools Recording + Advanced Functions

    7. How to Shoot Music Videos

    8. How to Shoot Music Videos (1)

    9. Logic Pro and Sound Design Opportunity

About this course

  • $2,997.00
  • 112 lessons
  • 46.5 hours of video content

How to Gain Access

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Music Producer Mastermind Leadership

Busy Works Beats Carlin "Game" Hines

Trained over 900,000 Music Producers around the world. Some have gone to work with the top artists in the world: Drake, Kanye West, J. Cole, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Trippie Redd, Rae Sremmurd, and more Billboard charting artists.


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    You can cancel anytime in your dashboard, Click your profile picture > Visit My Account > Billing > Cancel

  • Can I Download the Videos?

    We offer streaming similar to Netflix. Once payment plan is complete, you will have lifetime access.

  • If I cancel, will I continue to be charged?

    No, if you cancel, all future billing stops.

  • If I don't finish my payment plan, will I lose access?

    If you choose a payment plan option, lifetime access will not be granted until all payments are processed successfully.

  • If I take your courses, will I work with Drake?

    I cannot guarantee any placements, any success, or any outcomes except that you will learn how to master your craft of music production. What you do with this knowledge is up to you and your desire. We have students who have gone to work with Drake, Kanye West, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, French Montana, Lil Baby, Polo G, Young Thug, Trippie Redd and lots of other top acts but these are anomalies and rare cases. I have never and will never promise any success in the music industry. If you apply the knowledge, you will grow in your craft and in your business. However, I cannot guarantee any Music Industry Major Placements.